Super Station Silver

Get Silver & Gold Delivered To Your Door!

There’s a way for you to buy Silver and Gold just like the rich guys.

REAL SILVER, REAL GOLD, You can hold in your hand.

With a 7K Metals membership, your exclusive member benefits include:

·      Accumulate Silver and Gold at Market price, fractionally.

·      Access to a Sound Money Wallet, where you can buy Silver and Gold, incrementally.

·      Access to Affordable Group Healthcare

·      7K Advantage discounts and savings with over 800,000 ways to save at local restaurants, on big name brands, on travel and accommodations.

·      Several other useful exclusive member benefits.

Simply select one of the calendar buttons and choose a date for your appointment and one of our associates will reach out to you.

Your membership proudly supports the Super Station Network and Hazel’s Wish.